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LSO Recreational Soccer follows the guidelines and laws of SAY soccer (SAY Soccer Rulebook). All parents and players are encouraged to become familiar with the laws of SAY soccer. The Playing Laws and Organizational Rules are found in the Rulebook link above.

Organizational rules, which detail SAY philosophy, player eligibility, team formation, and other important operations of a SAY organization, can be found in the SAY Soccer Rulebook

Playing Laws specific to RecPlus are noted in Rule 15 of the Organization Rules as well as in the Clarifications to Rule 15 (Organizational) - "RecPlus Variances" which can both be found in the SAY Soccer Rulebook .

LSO's Instructional Program (Ages U5 and U6)

LSO Indoor Soccer 3v3 Rules

LSO Indoor Soccer 7v7 Rules


Soccer Board

Courtney Baker
Player Coordinator/Registration
Vannessa Jackson
Equipment Coordinator
Joe Ritzu
Uniform Coordinator
Megan Skidmore
Referee Coordinator / Scheduler
Scott Gall
Hot Shots Coordinator
Stacey Carpenter
Instructional U5 Coordinator
Patrick Saad
Instructional U6 Coordinator
Open – Volunteer to help today!
Boys Passers Coordinator
Eric Skidmore
Girls Passers Coordinator
Lisa Myers
Wings Coordinator
Jonathan Lepolt
Strikers Coordinator
Tim Marshall
K/M/HS Coordinator
Tim Marshall
Summer 3v3 Coordinator
Stacey Carpenter
Winter Indoor Coordinator
Stacey Carpenter
Desiree Moore
LSO Executive Administrator
Bruce Rhodes


Check out all the information you need to be a highly effective Soccer coach including Forms & Documents, Coaching Resources, Coaching Education and Licenses, Templates and More !

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Lindsey's Law

Lindsey's Law is an Ohio State law addressing the issue of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). It includes requirements to view a video and sign a required signature form.

Completion is required to register for LSO Sports, if you have not done so, please review the materials now.
Lindsey Law requirements

Completion is required to coach for LSO Sports, if you have not done so, please review the materials now.
Lindsey Law requirements